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Principal ConsultantFrench Consulting1989 - 1993

Owned and operated a consulting company called French Consulting from 1989 to 1993 during which time I worked for a number of clients in various industries. My clients included -

Federal Aviation Administration - Worked with the FAA for 10 months to port the Instrument Approach Procedures Automation system to SunOS environment. Project involved porting a large quantity of fortran code from Data General Mainframe running AOS to fortran and C language on the Sun.

Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems - Designed and built high availability database system for Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems to keep track of error notifications generated by the cellular transmission towers.

Data General - Worked with Aviion servers and Clarion disk arrays in High Availability database environment.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc - During my time working with Wal-Mart, I designed, built, and implemented, distributed Informix Database Systems on NCR platforms. Also worked with Hewlett Packard equipment as a back office processor for the stores, and as intermediate servers to relieve some of the burden from the Teradata machine.

Applied Intelligence Group, Inc - Unix Consulting in retail environment.


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