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Resume of Dana French: Current Projects

  • Data Center Facilities:
    • SiteOx Data Centers (url)

  • Data Center Migrations:
    • Large health care provider with multiple data centers

  • IBM AIX Related:

  • Software Development:
    • visualSelect: shell script menuing system(url)
    • shme: MicroEMACS text editor written in shell script (url)
    • shvi: VI text editor written in shell script (url)
    • shunix: Unix utilities written in shell script (url)
    • mylexica: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia
    • ipaddressdb: TCP/IP Address automated allocation/deallocation system
    • dayledger: Daily work journal/ledger service
    • Vado: Long URL to Short URL conversion database

  • Publications:
    • IBM Developerworks: AIX documentation wiki (url)


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