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Virtualization Standards 1

AIX Update Journal

December 1, 2006

Quill.gif Virtualization Standards for Business Continuity - Part 1

The purpose of this series of articles is to define the policies, guidelines, standards, and procedures that provide the foundation of a virtualized environment enabling business continuity, disaster recovery, and high availability, with an emphasis toward Return On Investment (ROI). Virtualization is the next evolution in the recentralization of the data center. In the last few years, as networking costs have decreased and support costs have increased, the advantages of a centralized data center has reemerged. These advantages include cost reductions for many IT resources including hardware, software, facilities, and personnel. Within a centralized data center further cost reductions are realized by reducing the amount of hardware that is required to support todays business functions. Reducing the hardware in turn reduces the costs associated with facilities, networking, support and maintenance.


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