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Chemical Engineering TechnicianApplied Technology Corp1979 - 1979

In the summer of 1979, while I was on summer vacation during my sophmore year in college, I took a job with a company called Applied Technology, Inc. (ATC) in Norman, OK. My job title was Chemical Engineering Technician and my duties were to assist the company engineers in two large scale testing projects being performed by the company.

The first project was to test the extinguishment characteristics of Carbon-disulfide in controlled burn situations. The tests were conducted on a prepared test site in Newcastle, OK, adjacent to the South Canadian River. This test site had a large concrete building which contained a test monitoring lab and provided storage for test equipment, tools, etc. The site contained multiple pits of various sizes which were used to burn the Carbon-disulfide. The pits were of three sizes which were 5ftx5ft, 10ftx10ft, and 20ftx20ft. A variety of extinguishment methods were tested on the carbon-disulfide which included low-volume foam, high-volume foam, and dry chemicals. Measurements of several parameters were recorded from the test such as temperature, extinguisher flow and volume, time to extinguishment, etc.

The second project was to test the burn characteristics of a wide variety of crude oils from around the world. This project was sponsored by the Battelle Institute in Seattle, Washington. There were approximately ten barrels of oil from locations such as Venezuala, Saudia Arabia, California, Alaska, etc.


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