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Senior Consulting AnalystApplied Intelligence GroupSeptember 1993 - September 1999

Responsible for development of E-Business, E-Services, and E-Management strategies. This includes tactical and strategic implementation of architectures and technologies. Responsible for designing, implementing, and managing conversion of clients to an E-Business model philosophy and mindset.

During the spring of 1993, Applied Intelligence Group hired me to perform some Unix consulting work. They subsequently offered me a job which I accepted. AIG was a systems integration company which specialized in the retail industry. My job was to consult with clients on Unix related issues. AIG clients with whom I worked included -

Eli Witt, Co - I was the lead consultant during Eli Witts LAN/WAN upgrade to these servers running NCR SVR4. This implementation required integrating the servers into a LAN/WAN environment using both TCP/IP and UUCP over leased lines with dial backup. Eli Witts NCR machines ran the Galaxy environment as an emulation of the NCR 9400 ITX systems. The Galaxy environment allowed Eli Witt to migrate from the legacy system into a modern system.

United States Marine Corp - USMC hired AIG to provide 3rd party analysis of an application being written by IBM for the USMC. My job was to analize the design and implementation of the application. The AIX box was used as a central controller.

Stop & Shop - As a subcontractor to IBM and working with Stop & Shop, I was part of a team to integrate Hobart, Franklin and Toledo scales into an AIX environment. This required an indepth knowledge of async communications and application in an AIX environment.

Home Quarters - Home Quarters uses NCR 3400 machines as back office processors. I designed, built, and implemented a shelf tag printing system from an AS/400 at the headquarters to the NCR back office processors. The printers included Printronix and Texas Instruments.

Sonic Driveins - I have performed a number of roles in support of Sonic. I participated in the hardware selection effort for selecting a new restaurant POS system. I was part of a team which designed, wrote, and implemented an unattended installation system for the POS system which ran on a Windows NT platform. I also designed, wrote, implemented and maintained a World Wide Web Support site for Sonic and their vendors.

Urocor - Participated in the systems analysis phase of their World Wide Web conversion effort.

Follett Campus Stores - With Follett Campus Stores I participated in a team to port a Cobol application purchased by Follett onto the AIX-RS/6000. My duties included providing design and implementation consulting to the project team.

Fleming Foods - Performed a Y2K upgrade of all RS/6000 - AIX machines in all warehouses, nationwide. These upgrade could only be performed during the warehouse downtime, which was usually on Saturday from midnight to 6 am or 8 am.

Siemens/Nixdorf and Nordstroms - Provided technical support for a Siemens/Nixdorf development project with Nordstrom. Involved writing a device driver for proprietary Siemens/Nixdorf network card and also required writing a printer configuration system.

Brookshire Brothers, Inc - Designed, built, implemented and supported an enterprise wide LAN/WAN environment which included HQ environment, backoffice, POS, and DSD systems.


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