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Resume of Dana French: Affiliations

  • Company Ownership By Dana French:
    Mt Xia Inc: President (url) - Focusing on IBM AIX Technical Consulting.
    TriParadigm LLC: President / CEO (url) - Focusing on Sales and Marketing of VLPAR - Data Center Automation Products.
    Site Ox: Owner / Founder (url) Providing Web Hosting, Server Hosting, LPAR Hosting for Small Businesses.
    Mt Knox: Owner / Founder (url) - Providing Data Center Facilities for Disaster Recovery, Colocation, and Production Processing Facilities.
    SwoopMail: Owner / Founder (url) - Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider for Small Businesses. Collaboration Software, custom software development.
    Ridmail: Owner / Founder (url) - Email service provider for Small Businesses.

  • Additional Internet Domains Owned and Operated by Dana French: AIX Expert (url) IBM AIX Documentation Repository HACMP Expert (url) IBM HACMP Documentation Repository Mt Xunil (url) Focus is on Linux Technical Consulting VLPAR (url) VLPAR Data Center Automation software marketed by TriParadigm. VLPAR (url) Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Encyclopedia Service provided by Dana French. VLPAR (url) TCP/IP Address automated allocation/deallocation database system provided by Mt Xia Inc. VLPAR (url) Daily Work Journal and Ledger provided by Mt Xia Inc. VLPAR (url) Long URL to Short URL conversion utility provided by Mt Xia Inc.


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