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Skill NameSkill LevelLast UsedExperience
AIX HACMPExpertCurrent > 10 years
AIX PowerHAExpertCurrent5 years
AIX TCBExpertCurrent8 years
AIX NIMExpertCurrent > 10 years
AIX GPFSExpertCurrent2 years
SUSe Linux YASTExpertCurrent5 years
ECS CONTROL-MExpertCurrent3 years
MQSeriesIntermediateCurrent3 years
MercatorIntermediateCurrent2 years
SambaExpertCurrent5 years
NISIntermediate +4 years ago2 years
KerberosBeginner +4 years ago1 year
LDAPIntermediate 4 years ago2 years
Tivoli TSM ServerExpertCurrent > 10 years
WebminExpertCurrent2 years
Method1ExpertCurrent > 10 years


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